Sunday, 14 August 2011

New sketches...

Ok, its been ages since I posted lasted, I've been so busy apprenticing!!
So I have two apprentice sketches for you, they're not my favourite but here they are...

I should also point out that the photographs are terrible, but there you go. I need to make more blogging time!!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

25% Discount on Zazzle Shoes, Today Only!

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Heres a link to my Zazzle Shop:

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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Learning to tattoo!!

Finally, I've been trying to get an apprenticeship for a long time now and it finally happened! And I'm so excited!! I'll be learning at Nemesis Tattoo:
As well as that I'm trying to complete the Sketchbook Project for 2012 and I have loads of paintings I want to do too. I'm struggling for time at the minute but its great being busy doing things I love.
I have no pictures to post because I've had no time to scan stuff or take any!! I'm rubbish at blogging! But as soon as I have time I will, hopefully soon.... :)

Monday, 30 May 2011

Bits and pieces...

I've got a couple of photos for you....
A picture of my tiny little art studio/workspace, its actually a bit bigger than this photo, this looks like I only have a wall! But my computer and printer are off to the left, and I have my light box and sewing machine under my table. Plus more shelves and planners and a sofa at the other side of the room. All of my books are within easy reach if I every need inspiration (I'm hoping that one day I'll have my own library!) and I have lots of other artists beautiful artwork dotted around the room...

A work in progress picture of the Sleeping Beauty inspired piece I'm working on....

© Michelle Maddison 2011

And a cute little picture of my nephew pretending to paint my picture, bless him. Thanks for the help Allister :)

Also, I know I said I'd post the new painting onced I had it scanned but since its a bank holiday weekend the scanners have been shut, sooo as soon as I can I'll get it scanned and posted. But in the meantime, if you really want to see it, its lurking in the background of my studio space picture, although for some reason she looks like she has no nose, how strange.... :)

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Been away for a while...

Hello, I'm back!
I had a lovely holiday that filled me with inspiration.... and then I came back in the UK...  I could have stayed and painted in the sun all day, if only.... here is a random picture of me looking tired, next to some dolphins, lol

Anyway my Little Mermaid inspired piece is finished, although I've yet to think of a name for her. I'll be varnishing her soon and then its off the the scanners for a decent picture, hopefully I'll have her posted properly by the weekend. And I'm working on the Sleeping Beauty inspired piece that I mentioned ages ago, work in progress pictures soon :)

Monday, 18 April 2011

Work in progress picture....

© Michelle Maddison 2011

So it turns out I'm not so good at remembering to post or take work in progress pictures! This is the Little Mermaid piece I'm currently working on, its actually a little bit further on than this but I don't have a picture... I'm away on holiday soon but I'm hoping to have this finished before I go and as soon as it is I'll post the picture.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Work in progress...

I'm currently working on two new paintings, a Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid inspired piece and a Sleeping Beauty piece inspired by the Brothers Grimm. Both paintings will be in along the same lines as the 'I shall lace you properly for once' and 'Shiver and quiver little tree' pieces, both of which were inspired by the Brothers Grimm versions of Cinderella and Snow White. I'll post pictures soon :)

Monday, 28 March 2011

Paintings shown at 'In the Kingdom of Fiction' Exhibition

So its all over now and it was so much fun, and I've finally had time to sort some images out!! Here is a run down of the paintings shown at The Kingdom of Fiction exhibition:

Snow White
24" x 16.5"
Acrylic on Wood
June 2010

Sleeping Beauty
23.5" x 12"
Acrylic on Wood
July 2010

24" x 10.5"
Acrylic on Wood
August 2010

Little Red
17.5" round
Acrylic on Wood
Feb 2011

'Shiver and quiver little tree'
29.7cm x 42cm
Acrylic on Wood
March 2011

'I shall lace you properly for once'
29.7cm x 42cm
Acrylic on Wood
March 2011

These images are from photographs and are not as bright and colourful as the original pieces which are much more vibrant. If you would be interested in purchasing an original piece or for any other enquiries then please contact me at: and I'll try get back to you as soon as possible! I also have unframed prints for sale in various sizes so please get in touch.
Note: The watermark is only present on these photographs and not on the originals or prints.
If you would be interested in any other products created by me then please check out:, I try to update it with new products as often as I can!
Thanks :)

Monday, 21 March 2011

Post Exhibition: Bar Lane Basement 18th, 19th March

So the exhibition went down well at the weekend, with lots of visitors and lots of fun. I'm really looking forward to Space 109 this weekend and I'm off to see the space tonight with the other artists. I'm hoping to have a new painting finished plus some prints, postcards and badges ready for this exhibition but its all a bit of a rush.
Photographs from the exhibition, me first ;) ....

Below: Becki Harper

Below: Jenn Nicholson

Below: Curator Pauline Carney

Below: Jam Grantham

Below: Rebeka Scrase

Below: Stevie Croft

Below: Steph Shaw

Below: Six Lips Theatre Installation piece, I managed to miss the opportunity to take a picture with the live model, doh!

Below: Sophia ‘DeeDee’ Rose, installation piece, again I managed to miss the opportunity to take a photo while Sophia was there, perhaps I'll manage at the next exhibition!

For any other information regarding artists or second exhibition please check out: or!/event.php?eid=180762155299182
I also had a nice surprise on Friday night when one of my lovely friends turned up with some gorgeous flowers for me, thank you very much Kirsty! The flowers are from Blooming Occasions in york

Hopefully this will be the start of many posts to come. I know I've not really posted any of my art so far but I'm getting to it! I'll have it up properly soon I promise :)

Thursday, 17 March 2011

In the Kingdom of Fiction' Exhibition

My work will be appearing in the 'In the Kingdom of Fiction' Exhibition in York this weekend and the following weekend, hope you can make it! I'll make sure to take lots of pictures and post them as soon as I can...
There are some amazing local artists taking part so check out the blog:

Hope to see you there :)

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Work in progress

This blog is currently a work in progress, hopefully I'll have some time soon to upload my art, in the mean time you can check out my sketchbook at:
Thanks :)