Sunday, 19 August 2012

It's been ages since I've posted...

It feels like I've done loads of tattoos since then! I'll share the ones I have photos of and try to tell you a little bit about them, there's a few bigger pieces I've started that aren't finished yet or that I don't have photos of. I've also finished two new pencil drawings (it's hard making new art on paper when all I think about is tattoos!) and I have another new piece in progress! All I can say is the last few months have been up and down, I've been stressed and tired and happy and excited, I can't wait to see what's going to hapen next!

This is Kayleigh's My Little Pony, hairdresser stylee! It was a long day and she came all the way from Wales to get tattooed by me, stressful but fun and after this John decided I could try using a rotary tattoo machine for shading, I'd been using coil machines for everything up until this point.

This is Viki's bookwork, we named her Audrey, another long day!

This is Lauras pumpkin carriage, she came from Scotland and is also a tattooist! So I was really nervous, but we got there in the end, mega long day.

This is Sues heart lock, Sue had the twitchy leg! But when Sue came back for the second sitting she was fine, she sat so well and my lines weren't as wobbley as I thought they were after the first sitting, I feel like I learnt a lot from this tattoo! We're going to add a key soon :)

This isn't the best picture (it was half healed!) but I stole it from Lyndsay who has the tattoo, her roses and butterflies, took two sittings and she sat amazingly well both times.

This is Gemmas butterfly, the photo is photoshop stitched together because it wraps around her leg quite a bit, this was fun and Gemma sat really well.

Gails Maneki Neko, long day because we kept getting stopped but we got there eventually, Gail was so chilled and didn't whinge once.

Sarahs Pegasus, it was her first colour tattoo, another long day!

Claires rose and moth, so much fun, Claire sat so well and now she's letting me work on the rest of her arm, I'm so excited to do more!

And this is the start of Sarah's butterflies, we still have background to go and I can't wait to get it finished. Although John has never really stood over me and watched everything I did (he's always been about if I need him though!) he pretty much left me completely alone with this one, it was a little bit scary but I did alright I think!

So I still have loads to learn and I think its always going to be that way, at the moment it's mostly been starting larger pieces and trying different needles. I'll also be doing some smaller tattoos and drawing some of my own flash. I'm still super slow but speed will come with time, I am getting faster though! So greatful to everyone that has sat for me so far, everyone has been really patient and I couldn't ask for anything more.

Right, so new drawings...

I did these two ladies with pencil on bristol board, I stole the photo from Lyndsay who brough them as prints. I'll try to get good photographs of them on there own. 

I feel like I say this everytime but I'm going to attempt to blog more, I'm not keeping as good a diary as I probably should!

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