Friday, 4 January 2013

First days back at work...

The first two days back after the christmas break have been good, I always get a bit nervous when I've had some time off and then go back to tattooing. Yesterday I got to start a fun full colour voodoo doll piece that ended up being way bigger than I originally thought, its huge! So its going to take me a little longer to finish but I'm excited about it.
Today I started my first proper black and grey piece, I was so nervous as I've not done a whole lot of black and grey work and the little bits I have done I've struggled to get my head round since its a different technique to colour. Today was the first time since my first few months that I actually felt sick about a tattoo and that I'd not be able to complete it... but I did! Well kind of, haha, its not finished as its going to be a half sleeve of moths and flowers and other stuff so today we mapped out the first few parts and I got to shade one of the flowers. Shading the flower was fun and I felt like I'd achieved something at the end of the day because it didn't go wrong and I learnt loads about black and grey shading, yey! Win win!
Tonight I'm relaxing a little bit, the last few nights I've been up late working on drawings for tattoos. Tomorrows piece is something I've already started so no rush on any drawings tonight and I'm looking forward to finishing it, hope we can get some good photos tomorrow as its such a fun tattoo!

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