Friday, 11 January 2013

It's been a crazy few days! I did my first realistic tattoo this week, it was hard! John helped me pick the reference photo, I worked from a black and white image so as not to get too confused...

It took me a long time but Vicky sat like a champ! John didn't sit in and watch me but he did check up on me every once in a while, mostly to tell me it wasn't dark enough at the start and then to tell me a few bits might be too dark at the end, but it turned out ok, I leant loads!!! We'll add more to it eventually so its not just a floating rose on Vickys leg, I'm so grateful she had faith in me and let me do my first realistic piece on her. I'm looking forward to doing more now, hopefully with less guidance but I know I still have loads to learn. The response has been very positive, a little overwhelming in fact!
Today I worked on a Halloween inspired piece that I've already started, its so much fun, I'm dead excited to finish it. Yesterday I worked on a sugar skull chest piece that I'd already started too, so far we've worked on the right side but we're going to extend it into a full chest piece now, so excited to do more, its going to be massive when its finished.
Tomorrow Jen and I are headed to the Tattoo Freeze convention in Telford, looking forward to a weekend of catching up with people, meeting new people and letting my hair down, its going to be fun! 

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  1. Amazing, great work. I think it looks awesome for your first. Keep it up.