Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year!

New Year, new start with blogging.... I was so bad at blogging last year, I've said it before but from today I'm going to try and blog everyday. I'm still a tattoo apprentice so I'd like to have a diary of the next year at least.
Here is a quick update of some of the tattoos I finished in 2012....

Erica's apple, I struggled with lining on this piece.

Kevin's sugar skull, completed over a few sessions (I'm still super slow!) this is a photo of the healed tattoo.

Libbie's birdbird, rainbow and emerald, loads of fun.

Dan's Owl and roses, again completed over a few session and again this is a photo of the healed tattoo.

Paul's piston, he brought me the Jeremy Miller piston tattoo as a starting point, I had loads of advice from John on this one and learnt loads.
Kacey's cute owl on her inner bicep, it was my first inner bicep tattoo, not the easiest area to tattoo but Kacey was really hard, didn't move once! This is a photo of the healed tattoo.

Kacey's russian doll, on her other inner bicep, shes really hard!

Vicky's claddagh, this was a hard day, I cried with frustration at this one but we got there in the end.

Deb's first tattoo and my first foot tattoo, she was really hard! Feet are not the easiest area to tattoo, there's nowhere to rest your hands!

Lianne's lily for baby Lily, this was loads of fun, its on her forearm.

Caroline's cute sailor cupcake! Loads of fun again, she was really hard too! We've still got a pirate cupcake to go on the other foot, this was easier than my first foot tattoo but still not the easiest area to tattoo.
Sorry for the crop on some of the photographs, I've taken some from my Instagram (follow me @michellemaddison!), looking forward to tattooing in 2013. 2012 was a little bit of a crazy year, I didn't expect to progress as fast as I have with my tattoos (or get anywhere near as much attention as I have, its been a bit overwhelming!), I still have a long way to go and loads to learn. This year I hope my confidence grows and I want to have a happy 2013. Thanks to everyone who has been supportive, positive, liked and shared my work, I really appreciate it! And massive thanks to everyone who has let me tattoo them while I'm still learning, happy new year everyone!  

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