Saturday, 25 February 2012

Feeling better but a little ranty...

My headache has finally settled, whoop whoop, must have been some sort of head cold, finally starting to feel alive again!
I've been on the pig skin all week, the last two day have been working with greywash and different shapes and sizes of magnum needles, it's been interesting, still a long way to go, more practice ahead tomorrow....
And I was just about to have a massive rant about how people treat other people but then thought better of it, I had a post all typed out and everything! But someone wise once told me that it's best not to have an opinion in a public forum, you never know who you are going to upset and I think that is really good advice. So for now I shall remain opinion-less, I am getting quite good at keeping them to myself lately... Goodnight :) x

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