Monday, 20 February 2012

Weekend and sketch a day?!

This weekend was fun, the convention went well and we get to do it all over again in two weeks for a two day convention. We got back so late last night that I was given today off so I've managed to get some sleeping, shopping, washing and other boring things done that I can never manage to do when I'm at the studio. I've picked up my pigskin ready for tomorrow, more lining ahead and I'm going to work on shading as much as I can this week too.
I decided today that I would start the 'sketch a day' again, I want to try to produce at least one finished (as much as I can) drawing a day rather than letting my half finished work stack up. I'm going to get a new sketchbook tomorrow for a fresh start. I draw everyday anyway but I get so many ideas its easy to put things aside to work on new things and before you know it there's a load of 'ideas' laying around on my carpet and nothing to show for it, my thought is that a 'sketch a day' sketchbook will bring some focus to my over crowded brain. Heres to hoping anyway....

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