Monday, 6 February 2012

Pig Skin...

... it's gross, I can still smell it now even after hours of not being near it!!
So yeah, I worked on pig skin today, apparently it's better than the fake 'skin' stuff but with my lack of experience I still can't really tell much difference (apart from the smell and general feel). Ohh and I got to try a 7 mag today too, I've only just been using liners so far, 5's and 14's, today I got to try a 7 liner as well. Also I seem to be having trouble anchoring my hand in a way that will help me to line, working on that is hard, I feel like my hands are too small to hold and anchor and stretch all at the same time, but they're not, they're flippin massive...
As for the rest of my day the horrible weather in York this morning (snow and fog = traffic jams!) meant it took 2 hours and 15mins to get to Seaham (normally only an hour and 10 worth of driving) where there was no snow or fog and it was sunny, SUNNY!! And my lovely cat Jack is ill :( he's being kept at the vets tonight with a very swollen bladder, they don't know why so they need to keep a check on him, I hope they can fix him and that he gets better soon x

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