Thursday, 16 February 2012

Not posted in a few days...

I've been too busy!! All I can think about is tattoos and my line work and how my line work compares to other tattoos and how my line work is still not on living skin yet and that its going to be completely different again when I do start on it... But other than that my lines are getting better, they aren't going to be amazing for a long time but I know it'll come with practice. My left hand middle stretching finger still hates me, its got a right swell on, I can't wait for it to get strong so it isn't swollen and achey all the time! I had some nice piggy today (didn't think I'd ever say that!) it was fat and soft and beside some little cuts it was quite nice to tattoo, the last few days worth of pig skin have been tough and thin and horrible for practice.
Convention time again this weekend on Sunday so I'm taking Saturday off as a chill out and driving day, I hope its a fun one :)

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