Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wellllll, as you can see I've still not posted any of my sketch a days, also I'm the most inconsistant blogger ever, especially lately! I'm too busy!! Hahaha
Today I've committed to a group art exhibition in York in May, so I'll probably be giving up sleep pretty soon just to make sure I get my artwork ready in time.
I've been tattooing pigskin for the last few days as well, yesterday was one of my own drawings in black and grey, today some tribals, tried out a 3 round liner today too.
We get a lot of customers that are wanting to get into tattooing and it's hard hearing about their own struggles to get an apprenticeship. It takes me back to when I was looking and makes me feel greatful for the opportunity I was given, it took me a year and a half to find an apprenticeship (a real apprenticeship, some people really do like to mess you around!) and I spent the whole time working on my art. So if you're stuggling right now trying to find an apprenticeship and feeling like you're getting nowhere don't give up, keep working on your art and drawing, take critisism constructively and if anyone is rude to you just remind yourself that one day you'll be able to show them what they missed out on...
Right, now this weekend is convention time again and I'm really looking forward to it. It's the Tattoo Tea Party in Manchester, it's new and should be so much fun! So if you're in Manchester this weekend get yourself to this and come say hi to the Nemesis crew :)

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