Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wellllll, as you can see I've still not posted any of my sketch a days, also I'm the most inconsistant blogger ever, especially lately! I'm too busy!! Hahaha
Today I've committed to a group art exhibition in York in May, so I'll probably be giving up sleep pretty soon just to make sure I get my artwork ready in time.
I've been tattooing pigskin for the last few days as well, yesterday was one of my own drawings in black and grey, today some tribals, tried out a 3 round liner today too.
We get a lot of customers that are wanting to get into tattooing and it's hard hearing about their own struggles to get an apprenticeship. It takes me back to when I was looking and makes me feel greatful for the opportunity I was given, it took me a year and a half to find an apprenticeship (a real apprenticeship, some people really do like to mess you around!) and I spent the whole time working on my art. So if you're stuggling right now trying to find an apprenticeship and feeling like you're getting nowhere don't give up, keep working on your art and drawing, take critisism constructively and if anyone is rude to you just remind yourself that one day you'll be able to show them what they missed out on...
Right, now this weekend is convention time again and I'm really looking forward to it. It's the Tattoo Tea Party in Manchester, it's new and should be so much fun! So if you're in Manchester this weekend get yourself to this and come say hi to the Nemesis crew :)

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Feeling better but a little ranty...

My headache has finally settled, whoop whoop, must have been some sort of head cold, finally starting to feel alive again!
I've been on the pig skin all week, the last two day have been working with greywash and different shapes and sizes of magnum needles, it's been interesting, still a long way to go, more practice ahead tomorrow....
And I was just about to have a massive rant about how people treat other people but then thought better of it, I had a post all typed out and everything! But someone wise once told me that it's best not to have an opinion in a public forum, you never know who you are going to upset and I think that is really good advice. So for now I shall remain opinion-less, I am getting quite good at keeping them to myself lately... Goodnight :) x

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Escaped from the studio early today, I've had the worst headache since yesterday and even with painkillers I can't seem to shake it :( Left the studio at ten past six for an early stress free night and I still feel guilty, I feel like I should have stayed and practiced more but I know that sometimes you just need an early night. I'm off to the optician to get my eyes tested tomorrow incase it's due to eye strain...
Other than that, I started my 'sketch a day' again yesterday in my lovely new sketchbook, when I'm back in York on Sunday I'll get everything scanned and posted on the Sketch a Day page.
Now if I can just get a decent nights sleep I should be feeling better tomorrow and able to tattoo some more pig skin...

Monday, 20 February 2012

Weekend and sketch a day?!

This weekend was fun, the convention went well and we get to do it all over again in two weeks for a two day convention. We got back so late last night that I was given today off so I've managed to get some sleeping, shopping, washing and other boring things done that I can never manage to do when I'm at the studio. I've picked up my pigskin ready for tomorrow, more lining ahead and I'm going to work on shading as much as I can this week too.
I decided today that I would start the 'sketch a day' again, I want to try to produce at least one finished (as much as I can) drawing a day rather than letting my half finished work stack up. I'm going to get a new sketchbook tomorrow for a fresh start. I draw everyday anyway but I get so many ideas its easy to put things aside to work on new things and before you know it there's a load of 'ideas' laying around on my carpet and nothing to show for it, my thought is that a 'sketch a day' sketchbook will bring some focus to my over crowded brain. Heres to hoping anyway....

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Not posted in a few days...

I've been too busy!! All I can think about is tattoos and my line work and how my line work compares to other tattoos and how my line work is still not on living skin yet and that its going to be completely different again when I do start on it... But other than that my lines are getting better, they aren't going to be amazing for a long time but I know it'll come with practice. My left hand middle stretching finger still hates me, its got a right swell on, I can't wait for it to get strong so it isn't swollen and achey all the time! I had some nice piggy today (didn't think I'd ever say that!) it was fat and soft and beside some little cuts it was quite nice to tattoo, the last few days worth of pig skin have been tough and thin and horrible for practice.
Convention time again this weekend on Sunday so I'm taking Saturday off as a chill out and driving day, I hope its a fun one :)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Lazy days...

I love lazy days, today has been an awesome lazy day and I needed it after a busy week. I didn't get up till late, had an unproductive grocery shop (mostly bought chocolate and pop), chain drank tea, watched loads of Big Bang Theory and had takeaway for tea. It's nice to have a quiet day once in a while, I'm feeling rather relaxed... :)

Friday, 10 February 2012

This week has been a busy one, I'm still at the studio now... I am however just chilling and blogging but still hahaha this will actually be my earliest finish in a few nights and it's already eight o'clock.
Pig skin still stinks but it getting easier to work with, my hands and arms are aching from all the stretching and heavy machine holding, my middle finger on my left hand hates me right now! But its all going to be worth it and give me an awesome start to working on real skin. My lines are getting better, they still aren't amazing but they're getting better, I've tried different types of shading and filling now too, I'll get there eventually. Feeling knackered but positive today, I can't wait for my bed! :D

Monday, 6 February 2012

Pig Skin...

... it's gross, I can still smell it now even after hours of not being near it!!
So yeah, I worked on pig skin today, apparently it's better than the fake 'skin' stuff but with my lack of experience I still can't really tell much difference (apart from the smell and general feel). Ohh and I got to try a 7 mag today too, I've only just been using liners so far, 5's and 14's, today I got to try a 7 liner as well. Also I seem to be having trouble anchoring my hand in a way that will help me to line, working on that is hard, I feel like my hands are too small to hold and anchor and stretch all at the same time, but they're not, they're flippin massive...
As for the rest of my day the horrible weather in York this morning (snow and fog = traffic jams!) meant it took 2 hours and 15mins to get to Seaham (normally only an hour and 10 worth of driving) where there was no snow or fog and it was sunny, SUNNY!! And my lovely cat Jack is ill :( he's being kept at the vets tonight with a very swollen bladder, they don't know why so they need to keep a check on him, I hope they can fix him and that he gets better soon x

Sunday, 5 February 2012

This weekend has been nice but as always when you plan for a quiet one it never really is...
I had a really lazy Friday, drove back to York and caught up on my rubbish tv shows until Chris got home from work and then it was just nice to spend some time together. Saturday was party day (a friends 30th) but due to the ridiculous snow fall we ended up spending more time driving than actually partying, an hours journey took three hours. It resulted in five full hours driving and only one hour at the party, we still had fun though and wouldn't have missed it for the world. Today has been a total bust after getting in so late last night, I slept for a long time this morning, I've spent the afternoon washing, cleaning the house and cooking a mega pot full of stew.
So my painting plans have gone up in smoke once again but its been nice attempting to relax, today isn't over yet though, there's still time if I fancy picking up my paintbrushes... :)

Thursday, 2 February 2012

It's been a busy few day, I'm going to be taking a long weekend off in an attempt to de-stress, working six days a week away from home, the boyfriend and cat has taken its toll. I've been feeling like I need a break for a little while now and after crying my eyes out the other day it is well and truely time for one. Three whole days away from the shop, think I'm going to paint.... :D