Monday, 9 January 2012

More homework...

Well I say homework, I'll probably be working on them at the shop tomorrow. Drawings of a Japanese dragon and a tribal piece for a bicep, oh the joys! I know nothing about Japanese work at all so I'm frantically trying to research now and as for tribal... well it's all about fit and flow with the body so as long as I have an image of a bicep near by I should be able to work out something that will kind of fit, I am still just learning after all!!
Here is another half finished picture of my biro drawing...

I wish I'd done her eyes already, I think it will look completely different when her eyes are finished. I might get her done soon, man I hate being slow. I don't think I'll ever get round to producing a nice, neat finished one that doesn't have biro construction lines all over her face! Perhaps I'm a little bit stressed tonight?!?

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