Monday, 16 January 2012

What a busy weekend! I'm so tired and a little bit hungover today, me and Chris finally got back to York at about 5pm. I've been chilling out watching tv all evening wrapped in my dressing gown and feeling sorry for myself. Not as sorry as Chris though who has a massively swollen leg after his tattoo on Sunday and has been sat on the couch with his leg up since we got back. I'll try and get a picture of it to post but probably not tonight, I can't be bothered!
The convention was still a little bit stressful, I was happy when we were all packed up at about half seven and could go for a drink, everyone could finally relax. It was amazing to be there as part of a team and I met some new people but the thought of having to do this every month for the next few is quite scary, I better get used to it quick. Now I'm off for an early night before I have to drive back up to Seaham tomorrow, I might not be able to face it otherwise. Night x

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