Thursday, 19 January 2012

Today was productive, even if I didn't get to do everything I set out to. I drew with my pen in my machine, I was loads smoother than yesterday but I still have some way to go. Then my power supply, footswitch and clip cord (its pink!) turned up and I was able to start on the fake 'skin' we have at the studio with actual needles and ink.... I was rubbish! I struggled with maintaining depth, speed, the right angle, luckily I had someone there to tell me what I was doing wrong and I'm so glad I wasn't thrown in at the deep end on real skin. Hopefully next time I'll be better, I'll just have to keep practicing with my pen, on the 'skin' and then I've been told I'll be moving on to pigskin.... yuukkk! Surely the only way is up now?!?!
I'm now in the process of sorting out my diary for the year and organising the drawing and painting projects I have on the go, busy busy! I wish tattooing could be as simple as painting....

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